Wide-face Brush Roll

High-Performance Rollers

in filament- and wire-brush as well as non-woven technology

Specially engineered to meet the demands of the Primary Metals industry, Osborn wide face brushes provide consistent, accurate surface finish control. Osborn Wide Face Brushes are great for surface conditioning during brass, copper and other non-ferrous metal processing, cleaning in steel rolling or scale removal and controlling oxide buildup in aluminum rolling.

Osborn Wide Face brushes provide consistent, accurate surface finish control for metal processing tasks like annealing, galvanizing, scrubbing, pickling, coil coating, and many other applications. They are custom built to your specifications and can be made with steel, stainless steel, ATB™ abrasive nylon, polypro, brass, and many other fill materials.


HELI-MASTER U™These helically wound brushes feature a hardworking, welded, one piece construction. Designed for arbor mounting in your plant for fast, easy removal and replacement, keeping your process interruptions to a minimum.

The dense fill and excellent balance of Osborn Heli-Master U Brushes provide a uniform finish, lower vibration, higher operating speeds, closer control of the brushing process and higher brushing efficiency to keep your finishing costs down.

Osborn Heli-Master U Brushes are available with brush face lengths from 2-1/2 inches to 60 inches and outside diameters from 5 inches to 16 inches. Arbor holes are matched to your needs with round, keyed, square or hexagonal holes available in a wide range of sizes.

Fill materials include high tensile steel wire, stainless steel wire, ATB™ abrasive nylon, tampico, polypropylene synthetic, nylon, hog/horse hair, brass and custom materials. Trim lengths can be provided to match your specific application.

Disposable Core Mount Construction (Wider Face Widths) With this design, multiple wheel section brushes are stacked and securely mounted on your choice of standard or heavy-duty disposable cores, forming a densely-filled, one-piece, wide face brush. Core sizes of 4-1/4”, 5-1/2” and 7-1/4” are available.

Made in face widths up to 34” and outside diameters of 8” to 18”, the brush sections can be mounted either perpendicular to the shaft or at an offset angle. Perpendicular Offset Angle Streaking or tracking caused by the use of multi-section assembly can be eliminated by the built-in offset of the angled design. Angled sections are available for the 5-1/2” core with a 4°- 10° offset and the 7-1/4” core with a 4° offset.

Optional flush clean flow-through cores allow coolants, lubricants and cleaning fluids to pass through the brush.


The quality standard for close control of brushing processes under the most demanding conditions are Osborn Heli-Master FA Brushes.

Smooth, efficient performance begins with design. Helical winding of Osborn Heli-Master FA Brushes provides a continuous, uniform density. Lengths from 2-1/2” to over 220” and outside diameters from 5” to 16” are available with fill materials including Osborn’s unique high tensile wire, stainless steel, our exclusive ATB abrasive nylon, Tampico or polypropylene synthetic. Other materials to match your needs are also available upon request. Each brush is dynamically balanced to assure smooth operation at the designed operating speed. Application speeds exceeding 5,000 SFPM are no problem to the Osborn professionals.

Constructed on a reusable arbor, Osborn Heli-Master FA Brushes are frequently your lowest cost solution. When worn beyond your process control limits, simply return the worn brush to Osborn to be remanufactured using the same or a different fill material. Need modifications or repairs to the mounting? Ask our design professionals. Quality of the remanufactured brush is assured by our rigid process control standards.

Applications: Work Roll Cleaning (Aluminum Mills), Blank Washers, Glass Washers, Zinc Plants, Galvanizing Lines, Conveyor Cleaning and Transportating

Flow-Thru Mountings

A solution for heat control or reduced brush loading, Osborn Flow-Thru Mountings can be used with Osborn Heli-Master FA Brushes, and Osborn Heli-Master U Brushes, to produce a flow-thru mounting system. This design provides internal coolant flow through the mounting with coolant exiting through the brush face. Some of the benefits of this system include:

  • Coolant is consistently delivered to the point of contact between the brush face and work surface.

  • Temperature of the brush is reduced, prolonging life and maintaining process consistency.

  • Constant coolant flow carries debris away from the work surface and keeps the brush clean.

Quady Tufmatic Assemblies

For applications requiring a more aggressive brush than is possible using ordinary crimped wire construction, choose the unmatched power of the Osborn Quady Tufmatic Assembly. Designed around the concept of individually replaceable knot style brush sections, arbor mounted, finished to produce an even face and dynamically balanced.

While traditional knot style sections are radial, a new dimension in performance is obtained by the wave form brushing action of the quady sections. This wave results in an overlapping brushing action between sections that eliminates streaking and parting lines produced by traditional ganged brush sections. End collars both retain the sections on the arbor and provide a convenient method for balancing the assembly for vibration free operation that extends both brush and machine life. Knot style construction is more aggressive than crimped wire construction:

  • The twisted knot of wires forming each bundle offers increased support to the individual wires. This simulates a shorter trim length that is maintained despite wear during the life of the brush.

  • Each knot impacts the workpiece with greater force than the individual wires in crimped wire construction. This impact can break off material on the workpiece that would only be “burnished” by crimped wire brushing.

  • Osborn Quady Tufmatic Assemblies can be ordered with brush face widths from 6” to over 100” and outside diameters from 8” to 23”. Osborn’s proprietary high tensile brush wire is available in diameters from .016” to .035”.

Applications: Expanded Metal Deburring, Scale Removal from Non-Ferrous Strip Prior to Scalping, Scale Removal from Steel Ingots before Hot Milling


Carryover on rubber and fabric conveyor belts will cause destructive wear and add costly down-time hours spent in frequent cleaning. Osborn Strip Brushes automatically and efficiently prevent build-up of such materials as chemicals, metal, food, tobacco, chips, cement, compounds, core sand, coal, coke and ore on belts, rolls, snubber pulleys and return idlers.

Osborn Strip Brushes are ruggedly built to withstand the most severe usage. The lightweight aluminum mountings are reusable, with extruded channels that are accurately constructed to allow easy insertion of replacement Strip Brushes. Mountings are epoxy coated to provide maximum corrosion protection.

Strip Brushes and channels ar formed, thereby assuring constant contact of the brush face with the work surface. Open face construction results in flexible brushing action to conform to irregular surfaces, and also eliminates the possibility of loading. Easy to install and adaptable to any system, Strip Brushes clean conveyor belts with a unique flexible sweeping action that does a thorough job.

Conveyor Cleaning Strip Brush

Carryover on rubber and fabric conveyor belts will cause destructive wear, and add costly down-time hours spent in frequent cleaning. Osborn Strip Brushes automatically and efficiently prevent buildup of such materials as chemicals, metal, food, tobacco, chips, cement, sand, coal, coke and ore on belts, rolls, pulleys and idlers. Mountings are epoxy coated to prevent corrosion, and are reusable.

Strip Brush Replacement Sets

The 6” mounts use nine 1-7/8” trim strips, and the 10-3/4” mounts use ten 2-1/2” trim strips.



Designed for use on centerless grinding machines. Changeover from grinding wheel to brush is usually no different than a change from one grinding wheel to another. Available with both wire and ATB abrasive nylon fill styles.

Demanding applications that require long-life and continuous effective service call for Osborn Strip Brushes. Their rugged construction assure long reliable performance. Osborn Strip Brushes are furnished in 72” standard lengths. With a bolt cutter, you can easily cut them to desired lengths, then mount them with Osborn Channel Clips to create custom-made special purpose brushes.

Applications: Dusting Tires, Tile, Paper, Spreading Clay, Soapstone, Texturing Brick and Tile, Eliminating Static Electricity, Cleaning Cope and Drag in Foundries

MultiZack Segment Brush System


MultiZack Segment BrushA superior alternative to single spiral wound brushes, the MultiZack brush system effectively and efficiently performs complete cleaning for all of your fabrication needs. Whether you are removing Lucor, grinding particles, preprocessing for screening or laminating applications, or final washing of coated glass without scratching, the MultiZack brush system can be designed to meet the cleaning task. Also used for transport, conveyor cleaning and food cleaning.

The Multizack has significant cost savings over spiral wound brushes. Product life is extended. Replace only worn brush segments not the entire brush. Reduces inventories and minimizes storage. No need to store and ship used core for refills.


The polypropylene block and staple set nylon bristles of this brush provide long service life and higher value. This style of brush is used for glass washing and mirror polishing in automated lines. A wide variety of similar styles are available.  Also avaiable in special sizes and confirguations.  Ask for more details from your Osborn representative.