Osborn’s Abrasive line of high-quality cut-off, grinding, combination wheels and flap discs provides advantages for every job: strength, durability, speed, convenience and economy.  The grinding, cut-off, combination wheels are available in two types of abrasive grits, aluminum oxide and zirconium, each designed to meet the highest standards.  The flap discs are available in a zirconium grit which resists loading and clogging.

Aluminum Oxide - A tough, general purpose abrasive that cuts and grinds metals like iron, bronze, cast iron, aluminum, steel, and many more.

Zirconium - For the toughest, hardest jobs, you'll want the toughest, hardest abrasive in the Osborn line - our Zirconium Abrasive Wheels.  They're specially designed to handle extremely difficult applications: iron, stainless steel and forgings.  Best of all, they're designed for longer working life.

Grinding, Cutoff and Combination Wheels - Built for superior performance and long life, Osborn's Grinding, Cutoff and Combination Wheels are your best choice for abrasives.  This line has been re-engineered with the consumer in mind.  Some new features include: reinforced design to prevent premature wheel edge wear, highly durable bond formations for longer life and precision balancing for smoother operations.

Flap Discs - Osborn Zirconia Alumina Flap Discs combine the jobs of grinding wheels and resin fiber discs into one simple tool.  These discs combine aggressive grinding power, excellent blending and better surface finishing ability - performing up to 20 times the work of a resin fiber disc.



Osborn abrasives set the highest performance standard in the market.  Our products are designed to take on the toughest cutting, grinding, blending, beveling, or deburring applications.  Osborn’s U.S. and Germany-based R&D and manufacturing teams work tirelessly to develop and manufacture products that deliver the performance you need – stronger, faster cutting, longer lasting, smoother cutting.  The best raw materials, product designs, world class prime manufacturing, and R&D excellence come together in Osborn abrasives, and bring performance to the pros who demand the most.