Maintenance Brushes

Maintenance Brushes

Osborn now offers a complete line of top grade janitorial products to fill every industrial janitorial need. Our cleaning tools are designed for fast, efficient and thorough cleaning, scrubbing, and washing jobs.

Floor Brooms

Floor broomBrush blocks are kiln-dried, top quality hardwood, coated with a clear moisture-resistance sealer for long life and resistance to oil and chemicals.

Fill materials are carefully selected grades of horsehair, natural fibers, synthetics and wire, as well as a wide range of mixtures. Fill materials are what makes the difference with Osborn maintenance brushes. Osborn brushes are heavily filled with carefully selected high-grade natural and synthetic fill material, which means our brushes perform better in cleaning, scrubbing and sweeping.

Note: To reduce “setting” of bristles, store floor brushes with no weight against the fill material. This will prolong brush life and help preserve effectiveness. Periodically repositioning the handle to the opposite side of the block will also increase brush life and improve efficiency.

Natural Fill Materials:

Synthetic Fill Material:

Horsehair - Long-lasting horsehair fiber, suitable for fine, light-duty sweeping only.

Tampico - Fiber that performs equally well on wet or dry surfaces in medium applications.

Bassine - Prime oiled fiber, resistant to moisture, for heavy-duty use.

Palmyra - Ideal for rough wet or dry sweeping in heavy-duty applications. Can be washed out.

Polypro - Excellent for both wet and dry applications. Resistant to acid and caustics. Can be used in various sweeping applications.

Styrene - Offers high resistance to most common solvents such as gasoline, kerosene, etc. Can be used in various sweeping applications.

Synthetic Horsehair - Economical horsehair substitute that performs equally to natural fiber.

Durapalm - Economical, synthetic palmyra substitute with improved characteristics over natural fiber.

Microfiber Mop System

Tiny microfibers penetrate microscopic surfaces pores of most floors/walls. Hooks along each fiber act as tiny brushes scraping up dirt, dust, and other soils.  The microfiber has a positive charge, which attracts negatively charged dirt particles.  Once dust is attracted, it is trapped and held in the mop so as not to redistribute particles around the room. A microfiber pad holds up to six times its weight in water and is also launderable/reusable.

Counter Dusters

Counter DusterOsborn’s counter duster blocks are available in both wood and plastic. The wood blocks are kiln-dried, top quality hardwood, coated with a clear moisture-resistance sealer for long life and resistance to oils and chemicals. The plastic blocks are light weight and durable. Fill materials are firmly staple set. All have a hang-up hole in the handle for convenient storing.


Scratch Brushes

Scratch BrushThe blocks of all Osborn Scratch Brushes are kiln-dried hardwood for maximum tuft retention, ever in severe applications. Skilled workmanship assures you of uniform distribution of fill materials and firmly anchored tufts.

The wire fill used in Osborn Scratch Brushes provides outstanding cutting ability and offers an extremely high degree of fatigue resistance. The high-quality, staple-set wire provides long effective brush life.


Paint Brushes

Paint BrushOsborn offers a complete line of paint brushes and accessories, including every type of tool required by industrial and professional painters. The Osborn name guarantees quality, and carries completely dependable products that are built to give you maximum value and performance. Osborn paint tools are available with four main types of fill: China Bristle, Nylon/Polyester, Polyester, and Soft Hair.China Bristle: Carefully selected for proper stiffness and taper, Chinese hog bristle is best suited for spreading oil-base paints, enamels, stains, shellacs and epoxy coatings.

Polyester: A durable synthetic filament that smoothly spreads latex and oil-base paints equally well. Retains stiffness and flexibility in extreme hot weather conditions. Gives fine service, easy to clean out.

Soft Hair: Fine animal hair brushes are essential for laying on exceptionally smooth lacquer, shellac, varnish and enamel finishes.

Nylon/Polyester: Multi-polyester and nylon filament tips provide extra wear and will give excellent service with all paints. All filaments are flagged and tipped for excellent paint pick-up and smooth application.