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ATB™ Products

ATB (Advanced Technology Brushes) filaments work like independent flexible files conforming to part contours while abrading edges and surfaces. ATB abrasive tools produce rapid, repeatable results, which decrease process costs and create a cleaner, more efficient, working environment.

These tools are specifically designed for mechanical finishing tasks such as: deburring, sharp edge removal, radiusing, edge contouring, de-fuzzing, surface refinement and conditioning, plateau finishing, blending imperfections, reduction of surface stresses and micro crack propagation, cleaning, polishing and surface wiping prior to inspection gauging.

Both external and internal surface areas are processed on a wide variety of materials which include but are not limited to: metallics, super alloys, plastics, composites, advanced composites, metal matrix, ceramics, wood, leather, cloth.

ATB™ Products

ATB Abrasive Nylon Filaments

Osborn continues to remain on the leading edge of advanced technology through innovation. Osborn has engineered abrasive nylon into flexible abrasive tools, which are being implemented into today’s highly refined finishing processes. Osborn’s abrasive tools are designed to adapt with the times as most manual operations are rapidly being replaced by automatic machinery and equipment such as: CNC machine centers, robotics, flexible machining systems, special machinery, and finishing cells.

Osborn’s ATB brush tools are made with heat stabilized nylon filaments impregnated with Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide, Ceramic or Polycrystalline Diamond grit. Grit loading ranges from 10-40% by weight, offering a wide variety of filament choices.

ATB FilaamentATB Physical Properties

 Bend Recovery
 Melting Point
 Beam Strength
At 140 F 70% lost
PH Between 2-9
 Absorbtion at 50% RH
 Absorbtion at 100% RH

ATB Abrasive Nylon Brushes

Osborn produces ATB brushes in seven basic configurations.

ATB Wheel Brush

Wheel Brushes

Wheel brushes are multi-directional finishing tools. The circumferential edge or “face” of this circular style brush performs the work. ATB wheel brushes are ideal for focused area work and are easily adaptable to standard shop equipment, highly specialized machinery, CNC machining centers and robot work cells. Osborn standard wheel brushes are produced in a full range of diameters, with a selection of operating face widths to perform almost any finishing task.

ATB Disc BrushDisc Brushes

Disc brushes are a highly efficient tool for applications in which burred edges are on the same plane. Disc Brushes are multi-directional deburring tools working all part edges uniformly. They are easily adaptable to CNC machine centers, robot cells, and stationary finishing machines.

ATB Cup BrushCup Brushes

Cup brushes are efficient multi-directional deburring tools working all part edges uniformly. They are primarily used in off hand applications for maximum part coverage.

ATB End BrushEnd Brushes

End brushes are ideal multi-directional tools for confined areas; this style is designed to have the ends of the fill strands do the bulk of the work.

ATB Internal Finishing BrushInternal Finishing Brushes

Also known as a “side action” brush, this style is primarily used in CNC machines, portable tools and drill presses for cross hole deburring and fast cleaning and finishing of such inaccessible surfaces as small diameter bores and internally threaded surfaces.

ATB Wide Face BrushWide Face Brushes

Wide Face brushes prevent costly build-up and wear on conveyor belts in a variety of manufacturing and processing environments. Outside diameters range from a few inches to over one foot. Standard face widths span from two inches to nearly twenty feet.


ATB NovoFlex Flexible Honing ToolNovoFlex Flexible Honing Tool

NovoFlex Flexible Honing Tools have round, abrasive beads fastened to the ends of flexible filaments.  This self-centering, unidirectional tool will conform to the bore surface providing a consistent, even surface finish over the life of the tool.  The ATB NovoFlex Flexible Honing Tool will even provide an "edge break" not possible with conventional honing stones.