Osborn at Fabtech

Fabtech 2018

Fabtech will be in Atlanta, GA from Nov. 6-8th this year, and Osborn will be there! Come visit us at Booth# C13160!


We will have the expanded line of Osborn's elite line of stringer bead brushes, the NEW TufBrush! We will also have samples of our bonded abrasives line. Thats not all! We will also have members our superior team there to answer your questions and problem solve to find a Finish. First. solution for your problems!

Osborn Abrasives               TufBrush Product Line 


The Fabtech schedule to visit Osborn at our booth:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 6th - 10am-6pm
  • Wednesday, Nov. 7th - 9am-5pm
  • Thursday, Nov. 8th - 9am-4pm

See Osborn at Fabtech


Get Tuf with TufBrush - Learn more here.

Osborn Expands New TufBrushTM Product Line to Include Five Additional Products TufBrush™ stringer bead wire brushes offer industry-leading performance with superior material removal and product longevity. RICHMOND, Ind. – May 2018 –Osborn just expanded its TufBrushTM stringer bead product line to five additional products. The TufBrush™ product line boasts up to two times longer life and up to 60 percent better material removal than its closest competitor. TufBrush™ stringer bead brushes are used for weld cleanup applications, including root and hot pass, surface preparation, deburring, pipe joining and other applications. With an improved, proprietary design structure, Osborn’s TufBrush™ stringer bead wire brush line is now available in a range of sizes from 4 inches to 6 inches in either carbon or stainless-steel material. The TufBrush™ product line features Osborn’s proprietary TufWire™, a specially designed wire that offers increased rigidity and aggressiveness, a new knot design that allows for more wire on the work surface and an increased wire density that provides consistency and longer life. The TufBrush™ product line’s longer life reduces the number of brush changes required during the day, and together with the improved rates of material removal, it increases productivity unlike other brushes currently in the market.


Jim Bollinger – DoRite Fabrication

Jim is a fabricator, welder, builder, firefighter, and paramedic. People will say he is kind of like Larry the Cable Guy meets MacGyver. “I bought my first welder when I was 14 with money earned from mowing lawns” says Jim. Today he teaches welding for Lincoln Electric at workshops and trade shows. “I've never stopped wanting to learn and that inspires me to teach others” says Jim. His work has been seen on TV shows like Extreme Makeover, Kitchen Nightmares and Bar Rescue. But don’t worry, he guarantees Hollywood hasn’t changed him. He affirms that more than anything, he loves to work with his hands…combining creativity with technical and engineering know-how to build everything from kids' toys to sewer plants to fire rescue tools and drag cars. Come to Fabtech and visit our booth to meet Jim.

DoRite Fabrication - Osborn Fabtech 

Keith Rucker - VintageMachinery.org

Keith enjoys working on and restoring all kinds of vintage machinery - from woodworking machines, metal working machines, old farm equipment, steam engines, and steam locomotives. He spends a lot of his spare time volunteering at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture where he helped to restore and keep their machinery up and running.

Vintage Machinery - Osborn Fabtech