Primary Metals

Primary Metals

Surface Treatment and Finishing Solutions

Roller brushAt Osborn, we understand the problems you face when it comes to metal finishing. We know the challenges of surface contamination that can crop up when rolling steel, aluminum or other primary metals.  And, we appreciate the need to improve repeatability while increasing process times.

No matter what issues you have to deal with, we’re here to provide the right solutions for your requirements.  From descaling and cleaning to surface prep regardless of material, we offer the best recommendations to meet and exceed your specific needs- whether it’s on steel, stainless steel, aluminum or copper.

Troubleshooting Expertise

Solution Development

If your process line is experiencing inconsistent finishing or chatter marks, it might be the brushes.  Or, it could be the bearings.  But how would you know which?  Our engineering experts will analyze and evaluate your process.  We might recommend using the existing shaft construction, or we could suggest installing complete brush roll assemblies.

At Osborn, our forte is the development of new solutions that eliminate performance and reduce costs.  We work closely with our customers to design products that address their exact requirements.  The solutions we’ve developed are tailored to meet precise specifications.  Whether it’s a brush used to clean the surfaces of coils or a furnace roll used to move material, Osborn solutions are custom-made and based on proven technology.

Primary metals rollers

Scrubber Brushes

Osborn scrubber brushes are used primarily for steels, stainless steels, coppers and zincs.  The filament options are PolyPro abrasive and nonabrasive nylon as well as advance premium wrapped filaments.

Scratch Brushes

Our scratch brushes are used primarly in the aluminum industry.  They are comprised of either carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire.

Furnace Rolls

Designed for both ferrous and nonferrous environments, Osborn furnace rolls are made with a filament material that withstands extremely high furnace temperatures ranging from1,100 to 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit.  They are also engineered to offer longer life between changeouts.

Loading Table Rings

We are currently developing the next generation of loading table rings for the  aluminum industry.  Engineered as the next generation of transport rings, loading table rings offer extended life between changeouts as well as the opportunity to move HOT ingots or slabs between furnaces.

Free Finishing Analysis

When it comes to surface treatment and finishing, the best solutions depend on a lot of factors: the type of treatment/finishing work to be done…the equipment being used…the speed of that equipment…the surface profile of the work piece…and the kind of finish required.

So how do you know which solution is best for your job?  That’s where Osborn’s technical expertise and experience with primary metals come in.  Our engineering experts and application technicians will analyze your needs and offer the solutions that match your requirements.

We will provide recommendation on what type of products you should be using and what types of finishes you can expect.  We’ll also work with you to develop custom finishing solutions.  Don’t go it alone by trying to guess which products you need to achieve the results you’re looking for. To take advantage of this free finishing analysis, contact an Osborn technical field engineer at