Wide-face Brush Roll

High-Performance Rollers

in filament- and wire-brush as well as non-woven technology


Wide-Face Brushes are very versatile. They can be used for raw metal processing, circuit board cleaning, food handling, conveyor cleaning, and many other production line applications. For our Roller Brushes we use Novofil® synthetic filaments and various types of special wire as well as stainless steel wire, brass wire, brass-coated steel wire, tampico fibre, Bessemer steel wire and phosphor-bronze wire, natural hair and mixtures. We can provide new or refurbished wide face brushes with custom arbors of nearly any length or diameter. 

Helimaster® Brush Rolls

HelimasterHelimaster® brush rolls are perfect for cleaning work- and back-up rolls in wet or dry operated rolling and skin-pass mills. They control the oxide layer and remove oxide, debris and other residues. Helimaster® brush rolls can be designed as wire or abrasive brush. Each brush is neutrally grounded at the radius and axially it gets either a cylindrical camber ground or - for balancing the computed roll deflection - a positive and/or negative camber ground. Depending on the process, steel, stainless less or aluminum can be optimally treated. It is important that the brush tool really matches with the operational and processing parameters. Especially reproducibility of the specified aggressiveness and brush effectiveness as well as a constant performance until the roller is exchanged are crucial.

Helimaster® brush rolls are only one example for Osborn's special wide-face brush rollers. For usage in the metals processing technology Osborn also manufacturers a wide range of other high-performance brush rolls, non-woven rolls, complete brush roll systems as well as brushing machines. Get the full overview in the chapter on Primary Metals.

Factory Assembly Brush Roll Systems (Type FA)

At Osborn we combine globally collected know-how with a local all-round service directly on-site. In addition to re-brushing shafts or assembling brush-cassettes on-site, we also offer all necessary inspections, repair and service work.

Our services include:

  • Brush roll re-filling
  • Integrated maintenance service concepts
  • Re-trimming and re-balancing of brush rolls
  • Shaft and journals control / repair
  • Bearing control and repair
  • Optimizing the shaft construction
  • Shaft straigthening
  • Stress relief annealing
  • Replacement of end- and balancing collars
  • Replacement of fittings and accessories
  • Transport- and packaging concepts
  • Supply of brush roll trimming equipment

Customer Assembly Brush Roll Systems (Type CA)

For customers who want to recover and maintain their brush rolls inhouse, we provide roller system for self-assembly. We can provide cassettes in fully-automatic interally-welded spiral constructions or constructions assembled on one-way tube bodies as well single discs or loose spirals for older systems. In order to individually adapt these to existing shaft constructions. they are additionally procided with one-was adapters, if required. Therefore we can supply the right cassette for almost any shaft.

All usual filaments, wires or natural bristles can be used, all according to individual requirements such as different trim lengths and densities.

Pakete Kassetten

Cooling through hollow shafts

Body constructions with hollow shafts for internal cooling are primarily used in abrasive brushes for heavy-duty applications. Apart from increased brush-cooling at high frictional heat, they continuously rinse the brush from inside out by centrifugal force. Especially when the brush is being used in corrosive mediums, this helps to increase the service life of the brush. The advantages at a glance:

  • Coolant is continuously guided towards the contact area between brush and workpiece surface.
  • The temperature of the brush is kept low, which increases service life and replacement intervals, which means leass down-time.
  • Through the constant flow of coolant, residues will be rinsed off the workpiece's surface and the brush stays clean.

Punched Roller Brushes

Punched roller brushes can be manufactured in different lengths, forms and diameters, and with different fill materials. Punched roller brushes are manufactured with wood or plastic bodies and can also be supplied with a steel shaft if requested. With almost unlimited possibilities of construction, we are able to offer made to measure punched brushes for every apllication. 

Punched roller brushes are used for cleaning, transporting, applying, structuring, pressing, degreasing, dust removal, sweeping and many other applications.

MultiZack® System



MultiZack Segment Brush


A superior alternative to single spiral wound brushes, the MultiZack® brush system effectively and efficiently performs complete cleaning for all of your fabrication needs. Whether you are removing Lucor, grinding particles, preprocessing for screening or laminating applications, or final washing of coated glass without scratching, the MultiZack brush system can be designed to meet the cleaning task. Also used for transport, conveyor cleaning and food cleaning. The Multizack® has significant cost savings over spiral wound brushes. Replace only worn brush segments, not the entire brush. Reduces inventories and minimizes storage. Even in extreme applications, MultiZack®-Brushes have a long life-time. The brush body (PP with a high percentage of fibre glass) is manufactured using injection die molding technique. The quality is constantly monitored. The body is dimensionally stable, acid-/alkali-resistant and food safe.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Easy, quick mounting
  • Great variety of fill materials
  • Standardized brush bodies
  • One-way system
  • True running accuracy