Non-woven: Lipprite® and Lipprox®

Non-woven abrasive web consists of resin-bonded tangled artificial fibres, with embedded abrasive grit. The web is available in aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and in silicon carbide (SiC) and our range goes from grit sizes 80 to 1200.

General benefits

The three dimensional open web construction…

  • ensures a self-cleaning action
  • prevents pick-up of contamination
  • prevents generation of excessive heat or baking
  • continuously exposes abrasive particles for a uniform finish throughout the whole service life
  • permits effective contact with irregular thickness due to its density and flexibility
  • reduces/substitutes chemical treatments
  • ensures surface treatment with less rejection and improved preparation for further processing



Osborn offers two types of non-woven abrasive rollers and wheels: Lipprite® and Lipprox®. Lipprite® is mainly used for surface cleaning, oxide removal, decorative finishes and light deburring, Lipprox® is specifically used for deburring, some coil cleaning prior to coating, and precision oxide removal.

Lipprite-Picto Lipprite®

Lipprox-Picto Lipprox®

 Lipprite Keyway

The product

Lipprite® permits homogeneous and constant work, with regular wear over the entire surface. The flap construction provides flexibility and adaptability to all types of profiles. The dimensional range of possibilities allow us to supply you with many options for technical applications: rollers up to 2.6 meters wide are used in the stainless steel industry, smaller rollers are used in the PCB or porcelain industry, and there are wheels for all types of manual and precision work.


The number of flaps (density) influences directly the hardness of the product and its capacity to adapt to different shapes. The grade of abrasive non-woven is selected depending on the application and desired finish.

For certain applications Osborn has developed special treatments for Lipprite® that harden the product, increasing the abrasive action and extending service life. Please contact our Technical Team for more details.


Lipprite® can be used on stationary, automatic or robotic machines, in both dry and wet operations. It is recommended for light deburring, satin finishing, cleaning and decorative surfaces. The recommended speed is 22-25 m/s, reducing to 18 m/s for metal working and 12 m/s for plastic. Please contact our Technical Team for more details.



The product

The convolute construction of the non-woven abrasive web gives this product a consistency and precision, only possible with the specially developed foams from Osborn. Lipprox® are ideal for deburring since they offer considerably longer life and higher performance than comparable flap rollers.  Available in widths 6.5 mm  to 950 mm – the outer diameter can vary from 50 mm to 600 mm.


The hardness of Lipprox® is determined by the foam type as well as the volume of non-woven that is wound around the core. Our Technical Team can offer their advice depending on your application and the desired outcome.


Lipprox® can be used on stationary, automatic or robotic machines, in both wet and dry operations, depending on the application. They are acclaimed for their intense cleaning performance and uniform surface quality, removing burrs but not damaging edges or bores.  Osborn has developed a special product for the wood industry for profiled work requiring high dust removal. The recommended speed is 12-18 m/s, up to 18-22 m/s if conditions are wet. Please contact our Technical Team for more details.