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Osborn offers a unique sweeping solution for agricultural and industrial businesses. Broomate® consists of 11 strip brushes assembled under a 5 mm galvanized steel hood. Mounted to the fork of a fork lift or onto agricultural machinery, our brushing solution cleans away dust, sand, debris, light snow and also fluids. The handling is astonishingly simple, the single brush strips can easily be replaced and since the construction has no electrical/mechanical parts, it is not vulnerable to defects.

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Many Benefits...

 ... to make your life easier, save time and money!

Maintenance free
• Simple and cost effective cleaning solution.
• No hydraulics, no motors, no rotating or electrical parts.
• Easy to clean with water or steam.

• 5 mm galvanzined steel hood and fork-shoes and protective end-shields.

• Excellent cleaning capabilities suitable for heavy debris and dirt like gravel, sand, slurry and snow, as well as for liquids.
• Bi-directional – sweep forward or in reverse.

Long Service Life
• Brush strips last up to 800 kilometers

Environmentally friendly
• All parts can be recycled.
• No need for motor oil, fuel or electric consumption.

Variable Mounting
• Quick and easy mounting on almost any vehicle using optional adapters (extensive range available).

Easy Replacement
• Brush strips can be replaced in an instant.
• Simply slide-out and slide-in.

Easy storage
• Supporting frame prevents brush strips from bending in storage.

Safety First
• No rotating parts, chains or motors.
• No noise, no dust

Broomate Applications

Model Overview

Broomate® comes in different sizes and there are a variety of different adapters available.

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Broomate Models and Sizes