Cutting, grinding, sanding

Since June 2015 Dronco Gmbh belongs to Osborn. We are pleased to be able to offer you the whole product range of tools for mechanical surface finishing. Dronco is one of the leading european companies in the sector of abrasives manufactoring. The product range includes cutting, grinding and cleaning discs, diamond tools, vitrified bonded abrasives und abrasive paper.

In the meantime we have integrated the Dronco products into our Osborn catalogue. The complete range of tools for mechanical surfacetreatment is now available at a glance in a 300 page catalogue.

Osborn-Dronco Catalogue

If you aren't familiar with cutting, grinding and sanding yet, but only want to have a first overview, then no worries. Please have a look at our Osborn-Dronco Topseller brochure. Our best products from both brands are clearly displayed in this short brochure.

Osborn Dronco Topseller Broschüre

You want to take a complete dive into the Dronco world? Then please visit the Dronco website. Everything you long to know about abrasives you will find there.

Zur Dronco Website