TurbFly® - Easily cleared turnouts!

Aerodynamic experiments in a wind tunnel to show how TurbFly® works.

Saves energy and maintenance costs

TurbFly® is a system installed at rail turnouts. It helps to protect them against snow and ice or sand. The turnouts stays operable and a significant amount of energy for heating can be saved. In addition the maintenance cost goes down.

We have performed a number of tests in a wind tunnel to show the functionality of TurbFly® and measure the effects. The results were more than promising: Up to 75% energy for an installation exposed to wind can be saved by using TurbFly®. The savings are inversely proportional to the wind speed, i.e. lots of wind means major savings, while little or no wind means fewer savings. Wind pressure against the rails is minimised by means of the brush function, allowing applied heat to remain in the area for which it is intended. The test shows that significant savings can also be achieved in installations where moist air creates problems with ice. 

Already over 1500 installations

The patented solution supplied previously under the SnowProtec® brand name has upward-facing brushes which ensure, together with turnout heating, that turnouts operate without problem even in strong winds and heavy snow. This system has been supplied for more than 1500 different installations throughout Europe, most of them in Scandinavia.

How it works

The downward facing black brushes provide a seal against sleepers and ballast in order to provide the correct windbreak effect by means of the upward-facing white brushes. The upward-facing brush creates shelter, but with a certain amount of turbulence behind it, and a venturi effect lifts the snow away and prevents it landing in sensitive areas on the points.
This system was originally developed in Sweden by Osborn and the Swedish Transport Administration, who worked in close cooperation between 2002 and 2003. The first test brushes were installed in January 2003, and those same original brushes are still in use!

Approved for speeds in excess of 280 km/h

TurbFly is the only snow protection system capable of withstanding the stresses caused by high-speed traffic. This system is every bit as effective in the yard and station areas as it is out on tracks.

No removal required

TurbFly remains in place all year round, and it does not need to be removed for rail inspections or snow sweeping with a brush machine. When relaying or compressing ballast, the protection is removed with ease and can then be put back in place just as easily.

Long service life and low maintenance

The first test installations have been in place for more than a decade and are still fully functional. Only minimal maintenance has been required in all these years.

Easy to fit

It just takes up to 2 hours to fit these brushes along the moving sole plate. Our assembly video shows you how easy it is.

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