Ski Mats

Ski Mats

Osborn is the pioneer and market leader in Ski Matting (known under the brand name DENDIX). It is the most trusted and recognized name in year round skiing. We have been making high quality Ski Matting in our production facility in Chepstow/GB since 1961.

Letch snow

Our Ski Mats are especially helpful in heavy traffic areas around the lifts but also in areas where the wind constantly blows away the snow. In this case the matting helps to hold the snow. 

Ski Mats without snow

In some areas not only complete lift tracks are covered with DENDIX Ski Mats, but entire ski slopes. Especially in countries with sparse snowfall, Ski Mats can be a good alternative to producing snow artificially and by this also contributing to save energy and resources. 

DENDIX Ski Matting

is manufactured in three formats and can be ordered in a wide range of colors.

 Osborn DENDIX Ski MatsChoose from:

• Galvanized Steel with PVC

• Stainless Steel with PVC

• Stainless Steel with PBT