Load Runners®

Load Runners

Heavy-Duty Idler Rollers and Rails for High-Capacity Precision Load Handling.

Custom, short lead-time solutions and in-stock products for next-day delivery.

Every Application Has Its Own Unique Profile

Engineering expertise and manufacturing skills are what set the Load Runners® brand apart.  We collaborate with customers across the globe to solve their unique load-handling challenges all with one common goal: achieving optimum results.  Before recommending a custom solution, we consider many specific attributes: moisture extremes, temperature, speed, loads, lubrication requirements, operating environment, and cycle counts.

 In addition to thousands of standard products sold in more than 120 countries, Osborn offers local technical and customer support that’s just a phone call/email away. No matter where you or your customers are located, you’ll always have access to Osborn’s application expertise and the industry’s leading idler-roller/rail design and support team.

Load Runners® product

Superior Design Means Longer Life.

Longer Life Means Lower Costs.

Osborn Load Runners® are robust assemblies of carefully fabricated outer shells/treads and precision bearings fitted to high tolerance shafts. All Osborn Load Runners® match the tread, shaft and bearings into a cohesive, highly engineered unit used in dozens of industries and hundreds of applications.

Manufactured in the USA, Load Runners® feature heat-treated specialty steel, precision bearings, a maintenance-free lubrication and seal system, and a global network of sales support and application engineering expertise.

Osborn Load Runners® are designed and manufactured using exacting engineering principles with an emphasis on achieving:

• Better balance

• Increased bearing life

• Less tread/outer shell wear

• Reduced power consumption

• Smoother operation

• Quieter operation

We Keep Things Moving

Osborn Load Runners® are the ultimate heavy-duty load rail and idler roller solution in the industry, providing precision performance across numerous applications. Available in all standard configurations -- either metric or imperial, stud- or yoke-style – ranging in rolling sizes up to 12 inches, Load Runners® help reduce your design time and lower overall material handling system costs.

Custom Designs and Special Features

In addition to standard Load Runners®, we create custom products for unique applications across the globe:

Load Runner® FLRC

• Crowned profiles

• Double-flange rollers

• Stainless steel types

• Special plating (zinc, chrome, etc.)

• Non-metallic tread materials (urethane, etc.)

• Special seals

• Special lubricants

• Provision for re-lubrication


Please contact us for your special features or requirements! For more in-depth product data as well as sales and engineering contact information, log on to Loadrunners.de.

Operation in Severe Environments

Temperature Extremes: Standard Load Runners idler-rollers are designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -34°C to +107°C. We can design custom Load Runners for operation in extreme temperature environments (as low as -40°C and as high as +204°C) or extreme moisture environments (wash-down, underwater, etc.) by using special seals and/or lubrication provisions.

 Load Runner® PLRY
Load Runner® SHA 
Load Runner® VLR 

Empowering Customers Across All Industries

Osborn empowers customers in a variety of industries by providing long-lasting material handling systems, load motion control and processing equipment solutions that maximize return on investment, increase capacity, and significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Which Load Runner® is right for you?

• Load

• Speed

• Environmental concerns

      (temperature, contaminants, vibration)

• Abrasive/corrosive

      characteristics of any material/items conveyed

As maintenance and operation issues are identified, we work to develop custom solutions and designs to help minimize downtime and reduce overall costs.

As industry becomes more environmentally conscious, noise generation is becoming an important consideration.  Loads Runners® are available in configurations and materials to help minimize noise pollution.

Load Runners® treads are machined from high-alloy steel, then case hardened to HRC 55-60 for a wear-resistant outer shell and tough inner core.

Precision tapered roller bearings (larger sizes) and deep-groove ball bearings withstand heavy radial and thrust loads, as well as high speeds.










All Load Runners® are tightly sealed and lubricated for life to withstand dirt, sand and moisture. High-shear-strength studs (stud style) are manufactured with hex socket for easy installation. Thru-shafts (yoke style) eliminate the need for customer fabrication. 

• Tapered bearings for superior thrust load tolerance

• High radial and simultaneous high thrust capacity

• Completely sealed to keep out harmful contaminants

• Lubricated for life

• Sizes from 26 mm to 250 mm, resp. 290 mm

• Metric and Inch ranges available

• High operations speeds

• Large choice in V-Grooved Style idler-rollers

• Maintenance-free at -34°C to +107°C

• Modifications include high-temperature grease and seal, non-metallic tread,
     solid lubricant, provision for re-lubrication and others.

Choosing the right idler roller and rail solution for your application can make or break your bottom line.

Often the “unsung hero" in the application, idler rollers play a significant role in the overall success of any rail-riding operation. Properly specified, idler rollers optimize line speed and product handling, regardless of material run or machinery used. 

If you’re involved with product selection, operating parameters, or sourcing, contact the Osborn team for support throughout the entire design/specification/sourcing process.

 About Osborn


Osborn International is the global leader in surface treatment and finishing solutions, with more patents on products and processes than all other brush companies combined. Established in 1887 in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., Osborn's innovative culture has produced numerous industry firsts --- including Load Runners® brand precision load-handling systems.

Osborn designed the world’s first non-needle roller bearing idler roller more than fifty years ago to solve an internal manufacturing challenge on the company’s foundry equipment.  Today, Load Runners® is the world’s leading idler-roller and rail solution, used in numerous industries from healthcare and primary metals to automotive and general industry.