Maintenance Brushes

Brooms, Hand- and Paint Brushes

Osborn offers an assortment of high-quality hand- and maintenance brushes for industrial and janitorial need.


Floor broomBrush blocks are top quality hardwood. Some brooms are also available with plastic bodies.Fill materials are carefully selected grades of natural fibres, synthetics and wire. The fill materials are what makes the difference with Osborn maintenance brushes. Osborn brushes are heavily filled, which means they perform better in cleaning, scrubbing and sweeping.

Note: To reduce “setting” of bristles, store floor brushes with no weight against the fill material. This will prolong brush life and help preserve effectiveness.


Counter Duster

Counter DusterOf course also the classic counter duster and the matching dust pan are part of the Osborn assortment. The duster block is made of quality hardwood.


Hand Brushes

Scratch BrushOsborn hand- and butcherblock brushes are available in a great varity. With wood or plastic body, fill materials out of wire, stainless steel wire, brass or horsehair, there is a matching brush for every application. Many have a special ergonomic handle and a pinhole.

All fillmaterial is high quality and offers an extremely high degree of fatigue resistance for a long effective brush life.


Paint Brushes

Paint BrushPaint brushes with plastic handle and light bristles in various strengths complete our offer of Osborn maintenance brushes.