Road Sweeping - Broomate

Professional Cleaning

Small excerpt of the wide Osborn road sweeping portfolio

 Broomate Version for lawn mowers. Here used to help paving a yard by brushing in sand.

Osborn offers a unique sweeping solution for agricultural and industrial businesses. Broomate® consists of 11 strip brushes assembled under a 5 mm galvanized steel hood. Mounted to the fork of a fork lift or onto agricultural machinery, our brushing solution cleans away dust, sand, debris, light snow and also fluids. The handling is astonishingly simple, the single brush strips can easily be replaced and since the construction has no electrical/mechanical parts, it is not vulnerable to defects. Have a look at our microsite to watch an application video and find out more!

Broomate is available in many different sizes and therefore not limited to agricultural and industrial usage, but also for communal and private cleaning jobs. Our smallest version, the Ecomate, can be attached to a walk-behind tractor and there is also a version for so called ATVs - All Terrain Vehicles / Quads and lawn mowers.

 Broomate for Quads Broomate for Quads 

Also Quads can be equipped with Broomate.

 Communal vehicle performing cleaning job.


Broomate on walk-behind tractor   

Broomate Eco version for walk-behind tractors












Weedbrush Solution

Osborn Weedbrush for brushcutters

If you are tired of manually scraping away moss and weed on your pavement, then our Osborn weedbrush is the perfect solution. Attached to a brushcutter, it does the job for you. Osborn has two different brush diameters and filaments to offer:

- Diameter 230 and 178 mm with ploymere filaments
- Diameter 230 and 178 mm with knotted wire filaments for aggressive cleaning jobs



Osborn Weedbrush ActionKnotted weedbrushOsborn Weedbrush Polymere Filament