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At Osborn, we recognize your challenges are complex and diverse. No matter the issues you face, we supply the proper solution for your specific requirements. From large metal parts to intricate plastic extrusions, we engineer the recommendation for your needs—no matter the type of material you are polishing.

We listen and then collaborate.

We solve polishing problems on products ranging from aluminum wheels and cookware to musical instruments and plumbing parts. With experience and capabilities that are second-to-none, we always recommend the right product for the job. The combination of experience and commitment to quality gives us a competitive edge - an edge we leverage to support our customers. The Osborn family of products is the broadest offering in the industry. Period.

Experience the Osborn difference.

If we don’t already offer the polishing products your application requires, we will custom-manufacture them to meet your exact requirements. That goes for both our buffing cloths and our polishing compounds.

Compare our products to the ones you’re now using. We consistantly outperform others in both results and productivity.

Featured Highlights

Pleated Buffs

Our pleated buff variations are countless and their versatility is the reason they are one of the most widely used Osborn buff products. We offer seven different types of pleated buff constructions: four ply pleated (L Buff), two ply (mini L Buff) and one small ply (Z Buff).

SLK Coated Abrasive Flap Wheels

The special design of the wheels allows operations with rotational speeds up to 35 m/sec. The trim of the SLK coated abrasive flap wheels adapts to the shape of the workpieces to be finished. Different thicknesses are produced by using spacers in the core. Flaps can be slit. Main areas of application are the grinding of formed parts, finishing of steel tube furniture and household items (e.g. pots and pans, plates of steam irons, etc.). Other applications are in the tool manufacturing and appliance industry, the cutting process in polishing operations and the removing of weld seams.

Classic Airway Buff

The original Bias Cloth Airway Buffs have been the industry standard for over 70 years. These buffs are effective finishing tools for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, marble, plastics, and other materials. Cloth Airways are used in alle fects of the finishing operations. Standard Cloth Ariwas buffs are available in White Untreated (Soft) Cloth for coloring, Mitt Treated (Medium) Cloth for cut and color, an Yellow, Green and Blue Mill Treated (Hard) Cloth for cut.

Treated Buffs

All Bias Cloth Airway Buffs can be dip treated with one of our specialty treatments to alter the buffs’ flexibility and cutting capabilities.


Liquid CompoundLiquid Compound

Osborn offers a variety of premium polishing compounds under the well established brand name Unipol. The compound can be stored in pressurised containers or reusable containers with membrane pumps, where a centralized supply is in place. We also offer high-pressure and low-pressure spray guns.

Solid Compound

Bar Compound

Also under the brand Unipol Osborn offers a big assortment of bar compounds in different shapes and sizes. We also stock a standard range of solid compound bars for polishing with hand-held polishing machines for the DIY market and modern solid compound feed devices, which allow solid compound bars to be used in polishing robots.

Small parts


When it comes to surface treatment and finishing, the best solutions depend on many factors: the type of treatment/finishing work to be done…the equipment being used…the speed of that equipment…the workpiece material…the surface profile of the workpiece…and the kind of finish required.

So how do you know which solution is best for your job? Our engineering team and application technicians analyze your needs and design solutions that match your requirements.

Don’t guess which products you require to achieve optimal results. Take advantage of this free finishing analysis and contact an Osborn technical field engineer.