Pipeline industry

Brushes for the Oil- and Gas Industry

Osborn manufactures a wide variety of brushes for the pipeline industry. Whether dealing with exploration and drilling, pipe manufacturing, on-site weld cleaning or pipeline pigging, our cleaning solutions contribute in making your business perform reliable, on-time and cost-effectively.


Whether cleaning tools are used for tough on or offshore exploration jobs or needed in construction yards on pontoons, drill rigs or steel framework – you can always count on the reliability and safe performance of Osborn tools. High alloy steel and stainless steel wires – if necessary V4A nonferrous quality is also available, – are the first choice tools for all material sensitive cleaning jobs such as silicate, slag or rust removal or descaling. Osborn brushes are designed to fit in all types of existing equipment like angle grinders, high speed pneumatic tools or even regular hand drills for semiprofessional jobs.

Drill hole cleaning brush Oil skimming brush

Wound strip brushes for drill hole cleaning are made to order items and fit into any existing drill pipe holders.

Floats employed to remove oil slick are often equipped with roller brushes with a plastic core and oil-resistant bristles collecting excess oil from the surface of the water quickly and efficiently so that it can subsequently be skimmed off.



Pipe Manufacturing

Contact brushTransport brush

Excerpt out of our 3D-animation showing Osborn brush solutions in the pipe manufacturing process.

Osborn is the all-round service provider for all kinds of brush solutions in the pipe manufacturing & coating industry. We cover the full spectrum: Contact brushes are used to set continuous electric contacts in pipe welding plants and Transport Rollers designed for installation in the hot zone close to the induction heater are typically used in the pre-manufacturing process. Our Transport Rollers by far outperform common PU-Rollers in heat resistance and service life.

Cutback brushes 

Tailored solutions for our customers: Ready to use cutback brush (left) and re-fill cutback brush (right).

Osborn Cutback brushes remove excess coating on pipe ends quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Cooperation with leading equipment manufacturers worldwide assures easy assembly of ready-to-use brush sets and single sections in existing devices. Take advantage of our global distribution network. Osborn brushes are available all over the world, very often in less than 48 hours. 

More information on Cutback brushes and other products for the oil- and gasindustry can also be found in our catalog.


Weld Cleaning

MIG, MAG, TIG and hand welding processes create very different kinds of debris and users have to rely on the effectiveness of the cleaning tool. Silicates and blue color debris are not easy to discover in root and fill layers and welding engineers must be able to trust the effectiveness of the chosen cleaning tool. Osborn wire brushes are non-stock removing and leave the welded base material untouched. However, welding debris will be removed completely on every single layer. Choose first class brushes to keep re-work costs to a minimum. The safety and performance of Osborn weld cleaning brushes is tested in modern labs and service life extends to every hundred meters of weld cleaning. Far more than regular abrasive discs do but with a lot less noise and almost spark free!

Since there are many different welding methods we have developed a “productfinder” on welding - the "Osborn Welding Matrix". It helps selecting the right brush for the purpose of weld seam cleaning according to the chosen welding process. The matrix exists as online-configurator on our welding-webpage. With just a few mouseclicks you can find the right product. Give it a try or download the matrix as PDF-document.





95% less sparks when using brushes Regular grinding discs

When using brushes up to 95% less sparks are being emitted (left) compared to regular grinding discs (right).


Osborn Pigging brushes for Pipeline service providers clean paraffin and other layers of debris in operating pipeline systems. Osborn Pencil brushes are part of MFL inspection equipment which detects wear and damages to the pipeline so as to avoid oil and gas hazards.

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