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Deburring, Finishing and Cleaning Solutions

No matter what metal finishing issues you encounter, there’s an Osborn solution.  There are solutions for deburring, finishing, and cleaning in the production of automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, off-highway equipment and farm vehicles.  And, there are solutions that improve repeatability and cycle times in your OEM applications.

Whether it involves the design of your machinery or the servicing of your production lines, Osborn products will meet your requirements.  No other source offers line integrators and machine builders, as well as OEMsand tier suppliers, such flexible local support combined with an extensive global presence.

Process Improvement

Our engineering experts and application technicians will work with those that build the production machinery that goes into automotive, engine and transmission plants, ti ensure your processes will run smoothly so that you always get the maximum benefit from your equipment. 

Options range from standard products and customized solutions to adapters on current machines.  Production will improve so that you achieve uniform results throughout the entire process.  Plus, using the proper feeds and speeds maximizes tool life and reduces the number of changeovers.

Product Quality 

Ultimately, it is the quality of the vehicles and equipment you produce that matters most. Osborn engineers work with you to resolve your manufacturing issues, such as meeting a new quality parameter or addressing problems with one of our competitor’s products.  After analysis of the application, the variables will be adjusted to deliver optimum results.

Osborn finishing solutions help make engines, transmissions, fuel injectors, and other systems operate more effectively.  They are used to prepare metal, remove burrs and weld splatters, and make surfaces smoother so that paint adheres properly.  By getting Osborn involved early, you’ll save time and money while achieving better, faster results. 

ATB Abrasive Filament Brushes

Advance Technology Brushing (ATB) involves the engineering of abrasive nylon into flexible abrasive tools for today’s highly refined finishing processes.  Osborn ATB products are made with heat-stabilized nylon filaments impregnated with silicon carbide, aluminum oxide or polycrystalline diamond grit, with grit loading ranging from 10 to 40 percent by weight, and a wide variety of filament choices.

• ATB Wheel Brushes

ATB Disc Brushes

• ATB NovoFlex Flexible Honing Tools

• ATB End Brushes

• ATB Internal Brushes

Wire & Synthetic Filament

Power Brushes


• Wheel Brushes

• Cup Brushes

• End Brushes

• Internal Finishing Brushes

• Wide Face Brushes


Free Process Development Analysis

When it comes to surface treatment and finishing, the best solutions depend on a lot of factors: the type of treatment/finishing work to be done...the equipment being used...the speed of that equipment...the workpiece material...the surface profile of the workpiece and the kind of finish required.

 So how do you know which solution is best for your job? That's where Osborn's technical expertise and experience with motor-drive vehicle manufacturing comes in. Our engineering experts and application technicians will work with you to analyze your needs and offer the solutions that match your requirements.

 Tell us what you need and take advantage of this Process Development Analysis. We'll work with you in our lab or at your facility to develop the solution that's right for you. Contact an Osborn regional sales manager at